Pop goes the ordinary. Designs, for Happiness. 

Born from an interplay between texture and form, modern sensibilities with indigenous accents, the cusp and the curve, limón invites you to be surprised and refreshed with unique design elements.



The Chair

A repertoire of classic silhouettes, great legs, straight-backs and smooth curves, with personalised and quirky details define our debut collection.
Ode to the Chair.

Ergonomics that appeal, especially to cats who seamlessly balance poetry with practicality.
Whatever the mood, we've got your back. Lounging, perching, daydreaming, strategising, conversing, conspiring, what you will. There’s even a chair for more serious contemplation of world domination.
Well, pull up a feeling and take a seat.




The collaborative collection with Shweta Malhotra is our take on everything Indian and flavourful.
Inspired by the decadently diverse and boundless food culture of India, we refashioned a key ingredient, the aromatic spice.
Our designs are screen-printed by hand on 100% cotton canvas.



Aradhana Anand

limón is the result of a long harvested creative passion that has been inspired and shaped by Aradhana Anand.

After nine years in the maritime industry as an oil freight trader living in Dubai and then in Singapore, Aradhana decided to exit the corporate space to finally make a profession of what she's always loved - dressing a home. Having happily advised many a friend on how to add that bit of ethnic charm, pattern or colour to the generic looking expatriate apartment, she kept ahead of design trends and probed her own aesthetic leanings while conceiving limón in the summer of 2015.

limón's debut collection focuses on the chair; with styles personifying what Aradhana does best, cleverly marrying diverse elements to put together a coherent, glorious piece of furniture. 

Her seamless balance of colour and texture coupled with great aesthetic sense has won this Warwick Business School graduate, features in international and domestic publications.